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Say It Say It.png

Say It Say It is our latest release, but it's filled with some of our early songs from 2013-2018.  This is playful pop with a retro vibe, featuring the vocals of Bamtone, CaiNo, Nathan Nasby, Paul Otten and Tammy Infusino.


Talk to Me Baby.jpeg

Talk To Me Baby is an anthemic EP of dynamic, rhythmic pop and pop/soul that oozes energy and attitude.  This is a collaboration with award winning artist/songwriter Carolan Deacon.


Naked Trees.png

A collaboration with Hip Hop/R&B artist, Terrell Burt, Naked Trees is an uplifting and inspiring song about change.  It also features the vocals of Malynda Hale.



Awakening, a collaboration with multi-award winning singer-songwriter, Michelle Lockey, is an atmospheric and reflective collection of indie rock and indie pop, with dreamy electronic elements.


Someday I'll Be OK.jpeg

Someday I'll Be OK is a single released in collaboration with multi-award winning singer-songwriter, Michelle Lockey. Published & exclusively controlled by Black Toast Music, this is honest, angst filled, lo-fi rock.


Goin' Places LHD.png

Goin' Places is the perfect EP for a road trip!  The songs are fast paced with energetic percussion and driving guitars. 

We hope you'll wind down the windows and sing along with each anthemic chorus as the miles fly by.


Tomorrow's Now Yesterday.png

Tomorrow's Now Yesterday is an indie pop song about time slipping away.  This is a collaboration with Juliet Lyons, a Billboard-charting recording artist and composer renowned for her soaring, emotional vocals.


All the People Try to Touch the Sky.jpeg

All the People Try to Touch the Sky is a soulfully expressive, singer-songwriter ballad, written in collaboration with Michelle Lockey, a multi-award winning sing-songwriter from Maryland.


Smile & Shine Album Cover Amatic w Logo.png

Spread a little happiness...    *****

Review by Hazine's World

Smile & Shine is a bright, and energizing collection of catchy, radio-friendly pop songs that lifts my mood and takes me to sunny places. Each one of the songs paints pictures of fun, feel-good moments, and puts you right in the middle of them. Tammy Infusino and Bamtone's vocals invite you to sing along, and I was already doing so on my first listen! So glad I found this release, just in time for summer, through which I plan to make every day A Get Happy Day :)


Suck It Up.png

Suck It Up is a playlist of Rock, Indie Rock, Pop/Rock and Blues Rock that celebrates grit.  It's the kind of toughness you need to suck it up and hold on tight for whatever life throws at you.

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