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The Free 4All is the songwriting and production team of F-M Cossey (NZ) and Scott Free (USA).
They write with artists, as well as creating sync-friendly songs, scuffling over sounds and syllables, and playing with different genres.

Scott & F-M have been working long distance for a number of years.  They have released
five albums/EPs of original songs: Smile & Shine and  Don’t Tell Santa (2017),  
Dear Santa (2018), Goin’ Places (2020) and Say It Say It (2023). 

They also have releases with other artists: 
All the People Try to Touch the Sky with Michelle Lockey (2017), Tomorrow’s Now Yesterday  with Juliet Lyons, We Are Magic with Michelle Lockey (2020),  Awakening and Someday I’ll Be OK with Michelle Lockey,  Naked Trees with Terrell Burt, and Talk to Me Baby with Carolan Deacon (2021).
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