The Free 4All is the songwriting and production team of F-M Cossey (NZ) and Scott Free (USA).
They collaborate with a diverse range of singers and songwriters, scuffling over sounds and syllables, with no restrictions on genre, tempo or topic.

Scott & F-M have been working long distance for over seven years.  They have released four EPs of original songs.  Goin' Places (2020) is perfect for a road trip.  The songs are fast paced with energetic percussion and driving guitars.  Dear Santa (2018) is a warmhearted celebration of the magic of Christmas, reflecting on the season of kindness and generosity that’s wrapped up in age old traditions.  Don’t Tell Santa (2017) is filled with fun and festive songs, with bells and Christmassy ear-candy, and Smile & Shine (2017) is a bright and energizing collection of catchy, radio-friendly pop songs. 

Singles that have been released with other co-writers are: All the People Try to Touch the Sky - Michelle Lockey (2017), Tomorrow's Now Yesterday - Juliet Lyons (2020), We Are Magic - Michelle Lockey (2020), Someday I'll Be OK, Take Me Now and This Game is Getting Old - Michelle Lockey (2021).